How to Get on the Property Ladder with a Low Income?


Everyone dreams about getting a home that they own- no rents and no landlords! But many of us have low wages, less amount of money saved and probably a low income. To figure out how most of us will get on the property ladder with such a small income can be daunting, and many of us would be happy to pay the rents. But what about owning your home? Do you always want a landlord sitting on your head waiting for the rent? No!

All the hope is not lost if you do some thorough research. You may seek help from experts and find out the alternatives to buy a perfect house. Besides, it is always better to contact a mortgage broker who can help you out with his network of lenders. He or she may also help you find a house within your budget with his vast network of buyers and lenders.

To know better, here are some of the tips on how you can get on the ladder to buy a property with a low income-

1) Reduce your expenditure on materialistic things and start saving ASAP! - Reducing your expenditure on luxury and saving it monthly can actually get you on the property ladder. Think from where you can cut off and save for your purchase fees and deposit. The money that you spend extravagantly on celebrating weekends and dining out can go a long way and buy you your dream place. The sooner you realize about cutting back on certain things, the faster you will save and get on the property ladder.

2) Be realistic when it comes to searching for a property- Be realistic with your dreams. Think about the size of the house, location and the price to see what is your budget. If you really want a house with extra utility space, then save for long since the price of monthly payments can increase with changing times and an increase in the rate of interest. So you need to pre-plan your finances and save each penny by monitoring and managing your finances.

3) Consider expert help to buy schemes- If you are amongst those who cannot wait to buy their home because of some issues and emergency, then you must do some research on the schemes provided by the government of your country. These schemes are for people who have low income and are first-time homebuyers. It is a great opportunity for those who want to get on the property ladder.

4) Talk to your mortgage broker and verify your documents- Talk or hire a mortgage broker to discuss everything related to buying a house. He or she can tell you exactly how much monthly payment you need to make, including the upfront costs. For first-time buyers, mortgage brokers can help with various documentation such as verify that you are registered for electoral polls and help with other legal processes.

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