How To Make Calculations For Mortgage Payment


When you are about to buy a house or any other kind of property, you may seek financial aid in a number of ways. Mortgage is the solution that specifically deals with property purchase. Mortgages offer lower interest rates as compared to other types of loans because the property is considered as collateral by the lenders. In the event a borrower is unable to pay back the loan at the right time, the lender can seize back the property to recover the amount owed.

Consequently, you should look for a mortgage with the lowest interest rate so you can make payments on time and improve your credit score. Here is a look at how you can calculate mortgage payment by amortizing.

Creating a schedule


Before engaging the mortgage calculator, the first step into the process is setting up your own amortization schedule. This allows you to determine how the payments per month are going to be split between paying off the interest and principal and the balance to expect by the time each month ends. You will need to use an excel sheet for this task.

Start by filling in the loan basics on the top corner of the left side of the excel sheet. For instance, payment per year (cell one), interest rates per year (cell two), loan duration (cell three) and loan principal (cell four) among others. Provided you have all the details, all you will simply do is fill in the figures in their respective fields.

Creating amortization schedule column

Once you are done with the first step, you should skip over a line under the previous information. You can then place a number of words throughout the spreadsheet. This is actually from column A to column E if you count the number of columns that will be needed. The following information should be filled in each column according in a sequential order: payment number, the amount, the principal payment, the payment for the interest and loan balance.

Filling amortization for the first month

After you are done with setup, you will have to make fillings for the amortization of the first month. When you apply for a mortgage loan, you will be provided with certain information that is meant to be filled in each of the columns you just made in the second step. Fill this information into each of the columns. In the field for payment number, you should fill in a1 and the rest is indicated as follows: payment amount (put the necessary formula), principal payment (put  the necessary formula), interest payment (put  the necessary formula)”), balance field (put  the necessary formula).

The final step

The above step was to help you fill the amortization for the first month. The final step involves filling information for the amount of money that you will be required to pay during a given year. In that case, shop around for the best mortgage deal and acquire relevant information. Keep in mind that you can get the payment number by multiplying annual payment by the duration of the loan in years.

Preparing an amortization schedule is one of the ways of calculating your mortgage payment. Sometimes when you fill in the fields, the loan payment number may fail to update. In this case, you can simply create a new cell and put in “=(A7+1)”.

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